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Julia McLaughlin: Our Manager of Inclusion, Equity & Diversity

Hi,   My name is Julia McLaughin. I am 26 and I have a condition called cerebral palsy which is caused by brain damage before, during or after birth. This interrupts communication between my brain/nervous system and my muscles. In addition, I also have a learning disability but despite this I have earned my high…

The importance of being physically fit while caring for your loved one.

  Getting Strong 💪   Sure we all want to be healthy and strong, but strength and health take on an entirely new meaning with a child that has special needs.   Today my daughter had a grand mal seizure while we were bathing her. All bets are off when the floor is slippery, and…

Days Like Today

I heard it again, that deep breath she takes right before a big seizure is about to come. The dog wakes immediately from a sound sleep and begins to bark as we both race over to Allie.  As I am running,  I can feel the desperation that she is experiencing.  Almost like when you are…

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