Today is September 10, 2021 and the first thing that came to my mind today was the importance of routine and structure.


I opened my eyes, thanked God for all of His blessings, meditated, and went to my little girl, and woke her up with the sweetest and loving good morning. This is how we wake her up every day. I think that this is one of our highlights as we are so blessed that she is here with us.


Allie gets tons of love, positive affirmations, and oodles of squishes. Her sweet smile tells me that she understands absolutely everything that I am saying. Routine is important for individuals with special needs as it gives them structure and they know what to anticipate and when. Allie does not tell time, BUT her routine is a clear giveaway of what time of the day it is.


We open up her little barn door to her bed, (auditory sign) and she knows that it is time to get up. Then the loving words:

Good Morning My beautiful precious angel from the Heaven’s above! How is my gorgeous little girl! How did you sleep my love? Ok my little love bucket, let’s get up and walk to the bathroom, change our diaper, and take our meds.


Then Allie patiently waits for breakfast, eats, and then starts the “getting ready and dressed for the day” routine.


Routines help all of us. They give us structure, help us set goals, and achieve them, and they are paramount for individuals with special needs. It helps them build confidence, they know what to anticipate, everyone is prepared, and most importantly, there is less stress!!!


Let’s be mindful of routines and the importance of maintaining routines not only for our children, but also for ourselves! Try it! You will see your productivity increase and your stress level decrease!


Have an AMAZING Day!

Remember, to be kind, positive, and purposeful!



Dr. Jaimee


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