The importance of being physically fit while caring for your loved one.


Getting Strong 💪


Sure we all want to be healthy and strong, but strength and health take on an entirely new meaning with a child that has special needs.


Today my daughter had a grand mal seizure while we were bathing her. All bets are off when the floor is slippery, and your child is flailing uncontrollably- it’s frightening. Allie was in her chair, but it took two of us to manage Allie during this episode.


We had to wait until the seizure was over, carry her from her bath chair to the bed, and make sure she was safe and warm. This was challenging as we had to manage to carry her (post-seizure) from the shower to the bed. It may sound easy, but it wasn’t. We both used all of our strength to safely get her from the slippery shower floor to the bed.


My point is, that self care for the caretaker is just as important as caring for your child.


Make sure you stay healthy and strong so that you can be the strongest and healthiest version of yourself. This will make caring for your growing child a little easier.


The stronger you are physically and mentally, the better you will be at caring for your loved one.


-Dr. Jaimee Sabato

Founder of My Allie’s Place

Love is about inclusion with special needs.”

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